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Our Member Groups

U3A Climate and Environment Group is a newly formed U3A group finding out about and discussing the challenges of climate change and the environment.

Warrington CEE Bill Alliance is a local campaign group promoting the adoption of the CEE Bill by Parliament, which would make taking action to meet the Paris 1.5C target a legal requirement for government and engage members of the public in the process of deciding the most appropriate actions. 

Friends of Spud Wood (Low Carbon Lymm) work with the Woodland  Trust site manager to undertake woodland management, coppicing, hedge laying as well as running wood allotments, Woodland Wednesdays and events such as wood craft, orienteering on the spud wood orienteering course.

Oughtrington Community Orchard is one of the last remaining old orchards in the area. it is behind the Rectory next to Oughtrington Community Centre. OCO has restored and maintains the orchard as a community orchard to provide an amenity for local residents and users of the community centre.

Lymm Community Energy Ltd. (Low Carbon Lymm) is a Community Benefit Society established in December 2014 to enable local people and organisations to invest in renewable energy installations that benefit the local community. LCE has installed solar panels on four of the primary schools in Lymm and also runs a range of energy information and efficiency events.

The Refill Round. Eco-friendly and cruelty free household cleaning and body care products brought to your door in Cheshire.

Lymm Transition Village Group is part of the UK Transition Network. It runs community projects that promote transition to a sustainable future, resilience and connection with nature in our community & local economy. Current projects include a Library of Things, Tree Planting, Greenhouse space for seedlings, the creation of a Repair Café as well as social events and support.

Lymm Santuary Hub provides a range of community services and activities particularly those supporting groups with special needs. It also provides flexible co-working office space and support services affordable to small business and homeworkers through its subsidiary Lymm Business Centre.

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